Saima and her family are members of the ethnic Hazara minority that is persecuted by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Her parents have been activists for human rights and the education of women. Saima arrived in Canada aged 15, alone and afraid, and applied for entry as a refugee. She is now a permanent resident of Canada and a student at the University of British Columbia.

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August 2021, Saima’s family abandoned their home and possessions and fled to Pakistan. Her father (48), mother (43), sister (17), and brothers (15, 10, 5) have spent the last year in very marginal housing, but were unable to work or attend school.  See Saima’s story here.

Our goal has been to bring Saima’s family to safety in Canada as soon as possible under the government’s Humanitarian Resettlement Program.

Current status: We made it!

On August 24th 2022, just a few days more than one year since Saima’s family fled Kabul, we received notification that their visas had been issued, flights had been booked, and the family would arrive into Vancouver on Saturday August 27th.

To learn more, read this update.

Fundraising continues

By May 20th, 2022, we had achieved our initial goal of fundraising the minimum amount that Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada deem necessary to support a family of six in Canada for a year.

You Can Help

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Although we are a non-religious group, we are extremely happy to have established a relationship with the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster and their connection to federal refugee offices. We are also grateful for the partnership with Christ Church Cathedral for the management of the donations needed to sponsor Saima’s family coming to safety in Canada.